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Jerry Kieffer

Joe Martin Foundation "Metalworking Craftsman of the Year" award winner for 1997

Clock making projects

Within the clock making community, Jerry's work is quite well respected. In fact, he is often asked to give seminars or classes on various aspects of clock making at schools, trade shows and club meetings. He is a member of the NWACC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors) and has not only repaired many classic pocket watches and old clocks, he has built a few of his own from scratch. Often, when special tools are needed, Jerry builds his own. These are done to the same high standards he demands of all his work and are things of beauty on their own.

If you haven't already done so, read more about Jerry Kieffer, his background and his quest for total scale in his introductory page. There you will also find links to other model engines, tools and clocks he has made.

Here are photos of some of Jerry's clock projects:

(Click photo for larger image.)

Sometimes called an "Ignatz" clock or "flying pendulum" clock, this timepiece is fun to watch in action. Though only accurate to within about 10 minutes a day, the ball on a string wrapping and unwrapping around two posts makes it a popular project, both to build and to watch.
For working on clocks Jerry needed special staking tools to press shafts into gears and pins into lantern pinions. Rather than buy a staking set, his solution was to make his own. He also made the custom oak finger-jointed box that holds them.

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