Craftsmanship Museum Promotion and Press Coverage

This page includes photos and links to articles about the museum as well as promotional events attended by the foundation staff. They are listed in order from most recent to oldest.

Dave Scott, KUSI TV

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Good Morning San Diego Show

The Good Morning San Diego, Weekend Edition show sent Dave Scott to do a remote report from the museum on Saturday morning. Dave is a meteorologiest and did the weather forecast remotely along with interviews with museum staff and demonstrations of some of the displays in action. By the time he was wrapping up at 11 AM we were already getting visitors who had seen the broadcasts that started before 9 AM. Our thanks to KUSI and Dave Scott for showcasing the museum to such a large local audience.

Carlsbad magazine

March/April 2014

This article by Heather Benson is one of the best yet on the museum. The City of Carlsbad has been an enthusiastic supporter of the museum since we moved to that city in 2011.

GoodGuys Gazette

January, 2012

Article on WEME show

In late August, 2011 we attended the Western Engine Model Exhibition. This year it was held in conjunction with the GoodGuys Nationals Hotrod Show at the Alameda Co. Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, CA. The show organizers gave the show an entire building to display and run model engines. They also devoted an entire page to coverage of the show in their slick magazine. CLICK HERE for a JPG image of the article.

North County Times

April 22, 2011

Article on Craftsmanship Museum opening in Carlsbad

As soon as we got our building sign in place on the new museum we sent out press releases to the local news media that we were now officially open for business. The local paper, the North County Times was quick to jump on the news and sent out a reporter and photographer. The article linked from the name in the left column appeared in the next day's paper, resulting in not only a lot of new visitors, but also from several significant donations and loans. Our thanks to the NC Times and writer Barbara Henry.

The Home Shop Machinist

May/June 2011

Article on Lou Chenot winning Craftsman of the Decade award

Village Press in Michigan publishes The Home Shop Machinist and several other publications for model engineers. The editor, George Bulliss has always been a supporter of the foundation and finds room in the popular magazine to publicize our winner each year. Lou's special achievement  in building the 1/6 scale Duesenberg and other fine models is covered here.

(Click on image of cover to read the article.)

In Flight USA (August, 2010 issue) is a magazine for general aviation pilots. It is available free in flight lounges and restaurants at airports around the country. Russ Albertson visited the Craftsmanship Museum a while back and took some photos of the Young Park P-51 we have on display and wrote a nice article reminding pilots flying into McLellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, CA that the Craftsmanship Museum is only a few miles away. In fact, we are right on the flight path for landing at the airport. As a result of the article a number of pilots have visited the museum in the past few weeks, thanks to Mr. Alberson.

July 14, 2010—Local San Diego TV personality Larry Himmel visited the museum today. A cameraman from the local CBS affiliate, Channel 8 video taped Larry's interview with Craig and Tom ran the Seal, Howell and Rudy's steam engines for them. It will air tonight at 5:40 and will then be available in the station archives. It will only be a short 2-minute segment, but hopefully it will make a large audience aware of the museum and the foundation.

In the first photo Larry Himmel poses for a shot with Young Park's 1/16 scale aluminum P-51 Mustang. In the second shot cameraman Ron films for CBS channel 8 as Tom fires up the Howell V4 engine. Tom had just shut off the engine, and it looks like Larry was enjoying the show.

YouTube video link

• Link to video on Channel 8's web site

• Link to written version of the article.

June 5, 2008—One of the things the foundation staff does to make the museum better known is to give presentations to local clubs or groups. In the photo at the left Craig Libuse and Tom Boyer brought some of the museum exhibits gave a short talk on the foundation's goals to the Ocean Hills retirement community woodworking club in Oceanside, CA. Tom Boyer answered questions on metalworking and gave a brief demonstration of turning steel on the Sherline lathe for the 75 or so members present. Over 25 signed up to visit the museum as a club field trip in the coming weeks. We will also have a booth at the Vista Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum's semi-annual show June 21 and 22, 2008. Craig attends model engineering shows around the country representing both Sherline and the Joe Martin Foundation. (Click on photo for larger image.)

January 5, 2008—The San Diego Union Tribune featured an article on the museum in the Saturday, January 5 edition. It was on the front page of the North Inland and North Coastal sections. It was also on the cover of the free "Local" edition that is distributed to both subscribers and non-subscribers on Tuesday, January 8th. The article by Matt Rodriguez included photos by Scott Linnett and brought a number of new visitors to the museum. CLICK HERE or on the small image at the left to view a scan of the article.

Grand Opening—May 19-20, 2006

In addition to this web site, there is now a physical facility housing some of the items shown here in the on-line version. It is located within the Sherline factory facility at 3235 Executive Ridge, Vista, California. On May 19th, 2006 we had a gathering of five of the ten former winners of the Metalworking Craftsman of the Year award, magazine editors, local craftsmen and donors to officially open the new museum. The following day, Saturday May 20th, 2006 was the first day open to the public. Below are some photos from that event.

 Photos from the Grand Opening

(Click on any photo to view a larger image)

Five former winners of the Metalworking Craftsman of the Year award were able to attend, representing 3 countries. Left to right are Bill Huxhold--Canada, Barry Jordan--England, Roger Ronnie--S. Dakota, Bill Smith--Tennessee and Jerry Kieffer--Wisconsin. It was a privilege to be able to put these excellent craftsmen together in a convivial atmosphere and pick up on the conversation between them. A lot of expert knowledge and ability is concentrated into this one photo.

The first order of business on Friday was a tour of the Sherline factory hosted by owner Joe Martin.

(Photo 2 by Mike Rehmus)

One of the highlights of the day was the unveiling, winding and display of our latest major exhibit, Bill Smith's gold medal winning Strutt Epicyclic Train Clock. On the left Bill winds the 8-day main spring that drives its unique planetary geartrain. On the right, people gather for an explanation by Bill as to how it works. In front of Bill are Jim Clark, The Home Shop Machinist magazine editor Neil Knopf and Model Engine Builder magazine editor Mike Rehmus. Watch for articles about the event in those magazines in an upcoming issue.
Foundation Director Craig Libuse steadies Young Park's P-51 model while Jerry Kieffer carefully repairs some minor sheet metal damage that occurred during shipping. We were fortunate to have such skilled hands available for a repair like this. Other than builder Young Park himself, there are few we would have trusted with a repair like this, and we were lucky to have several on hand.

One of the day's highlights was the unveiling of a practical joke on Jerry Kieffer by engraver Roger Ronnie. In retaliation for a joke Jerry pulled on him at the NAMES show, Roger had a surprise for Jerry. Jerry had asked Roger to engrave a tiny Harley Davidson logo and the words "Made in USA" on the small air cleaner cover he made for the 1/8 scale Harley engine he is building. Roger did so, but first presented him with an exact duplicate of the air cleaner cover that he had made and engraved...but instead of "Made in USA" it said in very tiny letters, "Made in China." Jerry can be seen at the moment he examined the first cover with his magnifying glass and saw the substitution. Then Roger gave him the real one. Once Jerry has shown it to a few of his friends, this air cleaner cover will be donated to the museum for display. It is a good example of not only Roger's engraving skill, but the extent to which these guys will go to pull a joke on one another.
Guests included local ship modeling expert Phil Mattson (left) and Rudy Kouhoupt's niece Susan Alvaro. Phil can be seen with some of the expertly crafted ships in a bottle he brought with him for the day. Susan is the one responsible for kicking off this event with the donation of her Uncle Rudy Kouhoupt's lifetime engine collection. Some photos of Rudy she contributed can be seen in the background, and she is looking through copies of the Village Press publications summarizing his articles over the years.
 A photo shows a portion of the upstairs museum display area. Downstairs is the shop and vintage machine tool display.

(Photo by Mike Rehmus)

(Left) Barry Jordan and friend Jane traveled the farthest, coming all the way from England for the event.

(Right) Sherline employee Pam Weiss (Right) describes the details of her Bob Shores designed "Little Angel" engine to Roger Ronnie, Phil Mattson and Bill Huxhold. Pam also has a beautiful 1/2 scale .22 caliber Gattling gun on display in the museum.

In the afternoon on Friday, Joe talked to the attendees about his goals with the foundation and where we can take it from here.
On Saturday, the museum was open from 10 AM until 4 PM to the general public for the first time officially. There were people waiting at the door at 10 AM and a steady stream all day long thanks to a nice article in the local newspaper the week before. We were actually surprised and very pleased at the turnout and positive response from the public.

Press coverage of the Grand Opening

Click on image or underlined title below to view a JPG scan of the article:

North County Times (Oceanside, CA), July 26, 2006, by Alexandra Deluca

This is a scan of the on-line version. If anyone saved a copy of the actual printed article, our only copy has been lost, and we would appreciate the loan of a copy so we could scan it.

Model Engine Builder Magazine, May/Jun 2006, by Mike Rehmus
The Home Shop Machinist Magazine, Sep/Oct 2006, by Neil Knopf

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Other Articles about the Foundation:

• The March, 2010 issue of the Russian edition of Popular Mechanics magazine featured an article on Young Park's Corsair on page 23.

• The December 20, 2009 issue of the London Sunday Mail tabloid newspaper featured a 2-page color center spread photo and article on Young Park's P-51 Mustang.

• The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) included an article on Young Park's models in their electronic newsletter that goes to 90,000+ members on December 15, 2009.

• The September 15, 2009 issue of Toy Farmer magazine featured an article on home built toy tractors that showed several photos of Jerry Kieffer's 1/8 scale 1936 John Deere tractor.

The Home Shop Machinist magazine, May/June 2009 devoted a two-page spread to honoring the selection of Richard Carlstedt as the Foundation's 2009 Metalworking Craftsman of the Year.

• December 11, 2008—A local North County (San Diego) newspaper called The Community Paper did a nice article on the Craftsmanship Museum that brought in a lot of attention and a number of local visitors. It will be archived for viewing on-line for the next four years at

• An article appeared in Fine Scale Modeler magazine on Young Park's second Corsair. The September 2008 issue of Fine Scale Modeler features a belated article on Young's P-51. Both articles have been scanned and linked from Young's page. The links are just above the photo section.

• "Ron Colonna Selected as 2008 Metalworking Craftsman of the Year," The Home Shop Machinist, May/June 2008

• "Displaying the Art of Craftsmanship," San Diego Union-Tribune, January 5, 2008, by Matthew Rodriquez

• "Pierre Scerri's 1/3 Scale Ferrari 312PB," Model Engine Builder, Mar/Apr 2007 (Includes 2-page centerfold photo of model with bodywork removed.

• "Saying 'Small Block' and Really Meaning It," New York Times, Sunday, June 24, 2007, by Jim Norman

• "Pierre Scerri Wins Top Craftsman Award," Model Engineer, 30 March 2007 (England)

• "Pierre Scerri Wins Joe Martin Foundation's 'Outstanding Metalworking Craftsman' Award for 2007," The Home Shop Machinist, May/Jun 2007

• "The 'Outstanding Metalworking Craftsman' for 2004 is Roger L. Ronnie," The Home Shop Machinist, May/Jun 2004

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The physical museum is available for visits from the public between 9 AM and 4 PM Monday through Friday on regular (non-holiday) work days. To get directions and a map CLICK HERE.

Phone: 760-727-9492


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