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Machine and shop tools are one of the popular subjects for model engineers to model. Above is a triphammer made by Jerry Kieffer. The model is left unpainted so that it can be seen that no fillers were used. This section contains other non-engine projects as well.

One of the sections below features several builders who make models of machine tools, but model engineers make other things as well, ranging from RPM gauges to cranes and construction equipment to model cement mixers. The dividing line between model makers and model engineers gets a little vague in this area, but in general model makers are more concerned with the look of scale detail while model engineers assure that the model reproduces all the function of the original.

Iqbal Ahmed

Steam and internal combustion engines plus model machine tools from India

Ken Condal

Intricate projects including furniture, models, musical instruments, Stirling engines and an Orrery

Rudy Kouhoupt

In addition to engines, his other projects include dynamos to cement mixers.

Makers of miniature machine tools and model machine shops

Jerry Kieffer, Barry Jordan, Al Osterman, Wm. R. Robertson

A sub-section including a special kind of model engineering

Birk Petersen

An amazing variety of life's work that is hard to classify because of the wide range of projects he built, from engines to toys, guns tractors, farm equipment, tools, animatronics and much more.

Tatjan van Vark

Scientific instruments and technical projects that border on art

Links to other model engineering sections:

Section 1: Internal combustion engines

Section 2: Steam, Stirling and other engines

Section 4: Model Engineering Masterpieces

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If you are interested in the small model gas engines manufactured to power model airplanes, boats and cars, see the special section on Model Engine Manufacturers. These men were a special breed of model engineer who designed and built engines out of the love for their hobby.

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