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Members of the Little Guys Car Club made the Craftsmanship Museum in Carlsbad, CA a destination for a club get-together. We welcome comments from clubs or individuals who have visited our museum. Read what some who have toured our museum have to say below. (Click on photo to view a larger image.)

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"Enclosed is a $--- check made out to the Joe Martin Foundation for Exceptional Craftsmanship that is authorized by our club's board of directors to be used as a donation the the museum to support continued and future miniature modeling of antique automobiles, trains, planes and other modes of transportation and the machines used to build them We support the idea that future generations will see by viewing the museum's exhibits the possibilities and skills that can be acquired while also seeing miniature examples of machines that have long since disappeared into history.

Our club was graciously hosted by your volunteers on Saturday, March 19, 2011. Many members have said how amazed they were when they were shown and heard about each machine during our museum tour. Others were blown away when miniature motors were started and were performing like a full-sized motor. Your museum made another interesting day and car tour destination. It is our wish that this donation will assist you in your museum's success."

—Mike Judd, Treasurer

San Diego Region, Horseless Carriage Club of America

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"A friend of mine and I visited your museum yesterday. I just wanted to let you know that we had a terrific time, and we wanted to thank you for the great experience. Thanks so much for the personal tour and the explanations of some of the fine displays. I am still overwhelmed by the craftsmanship and the quality of the items that you have on display. You have a great facility, thanks so much for sharing it with people. I plan to return at least annually from now on."

—Mike Michaelsen, San Diego, CA

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I have admired the wonderful works of art on the Craftsmanship Museum website for some time. It really is a superb concept and I look forward to seeing it grow. There are some very clever people out there.

—Nick Wright, London, England

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I'd like to thank you (Craig) and Larry Simon very much for showing us around the museum and Sherline on Monday. I learned some new things, saw some absolutely beautiful workmanship and really appreciated the time you spent explaining everything to us.
—Mark Jones, Huntington Beach, CA (ScaleMaster Decals)

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I have spent several hours looking through this website and have enjoyed looking at all the different types of work. There are lots of talented people out there! Whether a person is interested in a particular area or not it is certainly worth a good look in every category and to read how the various articles were made. A brilliant website showing us that have never traveled what is happening in the rest of the world.

Looking forward to seeing the website grow as other craftsmen and women share what they do.

Thank you,

—Ken Lewitzka, Adelaide, South Australia (Collector)

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I was lucky enough when I Googled 'Corsair' and I found Young C. Park's awesome aluminium models. I was just awestruck seeing all of them. I have visited this web site a thousand times, have been showing it to my friends. Its an inspiration for everyone, the patience and perfection used to make all those miniatures is just awesome. I also make models but with paper (, and I think making something with metal and wood and that too starting from scratch is something which inspires and speaks in itself.  Keep going guys...

Best of luck.

—Atamjeet Singh Bawa, Amritsar, India

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“I would like to thank Larry Simon for the wonderful presentation of your Museum. I arrived at 9:00 AM on Monday, August 18, 2008 and was given a 1-1/2 hour personal tour. I was in the area for a family vacation to LegoLand, but I would say my visit to the Craftsmanship Museum was much more enjoyable.

—Mark Hubler, Sunnyvale, CA

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Beautiful! Craig, you and Joe are to be congratulated for what you have done for the hobbyists of this country.

—Gene Beggs, Odessa, Texas

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My son, two grandsons and I visited you about a week and half ago to take photos of Rudy’s Steam Tractor. The boys got a great tour and the photo session was a real success thanks to your willingness to take the model out of the case for pictures. I got some super photos that will be a big help as I continue with my build of Rudy’s tractor. Thanks again, and thanks also to Tom and Fred for the time they spent with us.

—D.F., El Toro, CA

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So many thanks to you for the great demonstration and guidance through your museum. Your (Seal) engine was so impressive to the group. I also heard from many about how interested they were of the details of the machines on display. We all had a great time.

—Karl Ramsing, Packard Automobile Club, Vista, CA

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To Craig Libuse & Staff,

Our trip to your Craftsmanship Museum was so interesting to all of us, it's so nice to know we have lots of smart people of this generation that has put us on top of the world. Thanks for all you did.

—Joe Di Gangi, Autumn Senior Living, Coronado, CA (Age 94)

New York Yankees bullpen catcher, 1933-1942

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Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 5:37 PM

Subject: How terrific!

You have done something really fabulous and amazing. I will go through your website carefully. My father, brothers and several of my nephews were/are accomplished engineers and mechanics. Thanks for putting this together, keep up the good work.”

—Debra Zeller, Tucson, AZ

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SENT: Tuesday August 25, 2009 3:31 PM

Subject: My recent visit

“How many times have you heard someone from Chicago say that they have never seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa in nearby Skokie?...Live in NYC and have never been up in the Empire State Building?...Live near L.A. and have never been to Disneyland? I have lived just a mile away from Sherline for over 8 years, and until two months ago I had not a clue that you had a museum there until I read an article in a local paper. How fortunate for me that I did. Your museum might be small by big museum standards, but it certainly isn't small in quality and great exhibits. I have sent the website link off to many people and in particular to the pilots and others that I know at Palomar Airport. They really need to see Young Park's model planes up close and personal. Thank you for the tour.”

—Charles "Buddy" Buckley, San Marcos, CA

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SENT: Tuesday, December 15, 2009 11:47 PM

Subject: Website

Thank you for your work on such a wonderful website. The craftsmanship, talents and skills you feature are amazing. Without someone like you to showcase their talent, the amazing workmanship of the people would go largely unnoticed.”

—Bruce Benham, Adelaide, Australia


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SENT: Tuesday, February 23, 2009, 12:03 PM

Subject: The museum

"I just had to say how fantastic your museum is! I was forwarded photos of it from a diecast car reseller, and I am totally amazed at the engines people have made. I make diecast cars into flash drives and hard drives, so I can appreciate the skill needed to build some of  the pieces in the museum.

Thanks for showcasing such great pieces of art! The next time I'm in California, the museum will be my first stop."

—Dave Hersch
Flash Rods, Denver, CO

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"On behalf of club president Clyde Marion and all of us at the Palomar Model A Ford Club, I would like to thank you for your assistance in arranging a very interesting visit to your Craftsmanship Museum on February 15th. We received many favorable comments from our members about the amazing things displayed in your museum and consider it to be a little-known gem right here in our own backyard! Thanks for your support and for making this fascinating place available to us."

—Victoria M. Penland, Secretary

Palomar Model A Ford Club, Carlsbad, CA

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"I would like to say a big thank you for the hospitality you showed during my visit in September. You guys have a stunning facility and the new home will make it even better. It is fantastic to see that someone has the foresight to set it up. There is some incredible talent in the world to build engines and "stuff" to the quality you have on display. It certainly has given me a shot of inspiration to attempt engines like you have on display."

—Murray De Lues

Tauranga, New Zealand

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I extend my personal compliments to you for your efforts to contribute to the hobby by establishing the Foundation to provide recognition and encouragement to those craftsmen whose work you deem exceptional.

—Rudy Kouhoupt, Bridgewater, NJ (Noted engine designer and author, commenting on the on-line version of the museum. Rudy passed away in 2005, and to donation of his lifetime collection of engines became the basis for our physical museum, now located in Carlsbad, CA.)

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I visited the Carlsbad museum several times, the first time on my own and later by taking friends there, which I plan to do again in a week. As a retired engineer and a former ship’s mechanic I was exposed to the large scale end of the machinery spectrum—the very largest of machines such as 55,000 HP ship diesels and large power plant turbines and the likes. But nothing prepared me to the scale of the very small working models of machines that are on display in this museum. The patience and skill of the craftsmen who created these items deserves not just admiration but it has left me in awe.

—YK, Carlsbad, CA

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Just a note of sincere thanks for allowing our small group to tour the Museum. I was expecting to be impressed, having reviewed all the info on the 'net on Mr. Park's work, but the reality of these three pieces leaves me grasping for adequate words. I feel like a bear contemplating a wristwatch. I've done some nice work with stick and tissue flying models, but his work is on a level so far removed from mine that I just stand in awe. Please convey my profound thanks to Mr. Park and the Joe Martin Foundation for making his work accessible to the public.

—Dave Norton, Temecula, CA

I just discovered this site. My thanks to you, Joe Martin, and the Joe Martin Foundation for honoring these artisans and their artistry. Like all things I've seen with Mr. Martin's involvement, it is First Class All the Way. Again, Thanks for setting up this site. Wonderful contribution.
—Joe Claflin, Jerseyville, IL

We may have met in the Museum on opening day... I was like a kid in a candy store. For about an hour, I was living in another world.
—Larry Simon, Carlsbad, CA (Now a museum volunteer)

Thank you very much for hosting our club members at your facility, Saturday, June 24, 2006. I will miss our club meeting next month, but I can assure you that we will be praising you while reporting our experiences to the general membership. It is most rewarding to see in person the models which we have read about and seen in photographs. In person, the detail can be appreciated. It is satisfying to know at these specimens will be available for more to see and appreciate.
—Paul Chretien, Vice Pres., Southern California Home Shop Machinists

Hola soy Enrique!! Estoy encantado de haber encontrado este lugar en internet, mi valoracion es de excelente. Mi respeto y felicitacion a todos esos maestros que me dejan sorprendido con sus trabajos, "me gustaria ser como ellos," los admiro.

Adjunto algo de lo que estoy haciendo.

Un saludo desde Madrid, Spain

—Enrique Yagüe Argoncillo

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I visited the Carlsbad museum several times, the first time on my own and later by taking friends there, which I plan to do again in a week. As a retired engineer and a former ship’s mechanic I was exposed to the large scale end of the machinery spectrum—the very largest of machines such as 55,000 HP ship diesels and large power plant turbines and the likes. But nothing prepared me to the scale of the very small working models of machines that are on display in this museum. The patience and skill of the craftsmen who created these items deserves not just admiration but it has left me in awe.

—YK, Carlsbad, CA

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