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Listed alphabetically below are the craftsmen represented in this on-line museum. Click on any name to go directly to that section. Some members are linked to more than one page. A basic description of each member's contribution is also included.


*Indicates winner of craftsman of the year award and date

Abrasha Unique and beautiful machined jewelry
Ackerman, John Scale Replica Fire Apparatus Modelmaker
Adams, Ernie Dwarf race cars and street legal miniature hotrods
Ahmed, Iqbal Model Engineering from India
Anderson, Mel Anderson Engines—Model airplane engine innovator
Anderson, Ray Detailed dioramas that tell a story and a book on how to build them
Arden, Ray Arden Engines—Ray was known as the "Father of the Glow Plug"
Aschauer, John 1/16 scale steam plant and 50 miniature machine tools that took over 25,000 hours to build
Chuck Balmer* (2018) “Best of the best” in miniature live steam locomotives
Balestreri, Jim Five-time blue ribbon winner builds wooden toys for tots
Barrion, Kelsey The opposite of miniature model engineering—A lady who works on giant container ship diesel engines
Bates, Ray Known as "The British Clockmaker," he breathes new life into old clocks
Bathgate, Christopher

A machinist sculptor who employs both traditional and modern methods

Bay Area Engine Modelers Club The Bay Area model engineering club members create some outstanding model engines
Bishop, Ross Historically correct ride-on live steam trains from Australia
Boni, Randall A new look for old trees with the help of a chainsaw and a lot of skill
Briggs, Huntly Paper airplanes like you never used to make as a kid
Britnell, George* (2016) A wide variety of model engineering projects from guns to engines with emphasis on Fords
Brodbeck, John K&B Engines—Model airplane engine innovator
Brown, Bill Pedal cars by a master
Brown, Bill L. (IV) Brown Junior Motors—Builder of the first practical model aircraft gas engines
Brown, Jerry A 1/6 scale working steam crane that digs full scale dirt
Cardoso, José Highly skilled builder of vintage European and American horse-drawn carriages
Carlstedt, Richard* (2009) A 1/16 scale model of the historic ironclad Monitor engine and more
Chenot, Louis* (2011) A running scale model Duesenberg and other fine scale models
Cole, N. Roger Highly detailed ship models and the research to go with them
Colonna, Ron* (2008) Miniature engines including a masterful 1/4 scale Offenhauser and a book on how to built it
Condal, Ken Beautiful finishes on projects from musical instruments to an orrery
Conley, Gary* (2012) Conley Precision—Manufacturer of quarter scale V-8 engines
Connolly, Damien Australian gunsmith builds and engraves premium firearms
Cox, Leroy Cox engines—Reliable and affordable, introduced many to model flying
Dahlberg, Ingvar A running 1910 Mercer Raceabout from Sweden
Dawson, Clarence "Clarry" A wide variety of steam engines built to be run
DeMarchi, Livio A wood carver with a unique style from Venice, Italy
Dosdall, Richard* (2020) A self taught designer and builder in both metalworking and woodworking.
Dubin, William Fanciful mechanical art that pays tribute to old steam engines
Duclos, Phillip A man known to many through his magazine articles on how to build steam and gas engines.
Dunlap, Michael Gold plated NASCAR and IndyCar trophy models
Eckman, Allen and Patty Highly detailed paper sculptures featuring native American subjects
Enriquez, Joe 1/87 model trucks that look a lot bigger than they are
Foran, Ken Finely detailed brass scale models of aircraft and vehicles
Fox, Duke Fox Engines—Model airplane engine innovator
Freund, Bryan Tiny silver motorcycle engines modeled as jewelry
Gargano, John Mechanical Sculpture with an architectural touch
Garofali, Juares Supertigre Engines—Model airplane engine innovator
Garrard, Alec A 30-year quest to build a giant model of Herod's temple
Glen, David Super detailed giant scale (1/5) Spitfire and P-51 Mustang aircraft models
Gould, Bill An "Industrial Archeologist" who makes models—both real and virtual
Green, Andrew Super detailed radio controlled model ships
Guttu, George "Ron" A quarter-scale Offy-powered dirt car like his dad used to own
Hamler, Paul Miniature woodworking tools with beautiful detail
Hansen, Find Unusual "hot bulb" engines from Denmark
Haring, Joe and Jan Dollhouse miniatures with structures built by Joe and decorated by Jan with furniture and accessories by some of the finest dollhouse miniature makers around.
Hastings, James H* (2019) Highly detailed traditional plank-on-frame wooden ship models
Heijmans, Roberto A "Great Wooden Railway" in 1/25 scale from the Netherlands
Heim, Fred Miniature construction equipment, if you call 1/2 size "miniature"
Henderson, Perry Wooden construction equipment models from a man who worked with the real thing
Hewitt, Scotty A race car driver who makes tiny race cars and steam engines
Hill, Cherry* (2017) England's master model engineer and her incredible traction engines
Hiraoka, Kozo Steam train models and plans from Japan
Hiscano, Augie Multiple "Best of Show" winner in model cars
Ho, Mark A human figure modeled in brass and aluminum
Hoggarth, Chuck Extra large wooden construction toys
Howell, Jerry Engines and kits from a versatile builder
Huxhold, Wilhelm* (1999) Masterful engines, miniature tools and other model engineering projects
Ingersol, Alan* (1998) A miniature Curtiss V-12 and the aircraft to put it in
I-Wei Huang Steam powered robots with a "steampunk" flavor
Johnson, Clayton Detailed historic ship model leads to hobby in wood carving
Jordan, Barry* (2003) Masterful miniature machine tools from England
Kelley, Doug A long history of model engineering with a specialty in lesser-known engines
Kieffer, Jerry* (1997) An opening page to six separate sections to display his many talents from clocks to model engines
Klimek, Szymon Miniature model engineering, art or jewelry--you decide.
Knapp, Paul Engine building craftsman and devoted IC engine collector
Kouhoupt, Rudy Prolific modeler and well-known designer has published many plans over the years for others to build
Kucer, David* (2006) World class miniature guns from Canada
Lee, Clarance Lee, Veco and other engines—Model aircraft engine innovator
Lefaivre, Michel* (2010) Superb miniature guns from France
Lindsay, Steve* (2014) World famous engraver and engraving tool maker with a bold style
Luhrs, George* (2001) Builder of the world's smallest running internal combustion engines
Maki, John Miniature Victorian woodworking tools in exotic materials
Manwaring, Harold A working steam engine made from wood in Australia
Mattson, Phil Museum quality model ships and ships in bottles
Maxton, GarE Unusual metal puzzles that are both challenging and beautiful
McCoy, Dick McCoy Engines—Model airplane engine innovator
Mellows, Alfred Miniature Holbrook Lathe
Megerdichian, Abraham Miniature metal sculptures of everyday objects from tool boxes to vacuum cleaners
Miniature Cars made by Auto Manufacturers The actual craftsmen are not known, but their work lives on
Moyer, Jim His tiny engines include "The World's Smallest Running Chevy V-8"
Neely, Will Professional model maker who models old dirt track and sprint cars for fun
Nysether, Maurice Getting a start on building small engines at age 73
Ogawa, Shigeo O.S. Engines—Model airplane engine innovator
Ohlsson, Irwin "Irv" Ohlsson & Rice Engines—Model airplane engine innovator
Osterman, Al Machine shop tools in miniature
Park, Young* (2002) Aluminum model Corsair and Mustang aircraft with detail like you've never seen before
Petersen, Birk A model engineer with a wide variety of interests and skills from engines to guns and more
Preston, Sheridan A wood carver doing highly detailed birds, ship and airplane models and more
Pulido, Francisco Highly detailed model cars from Spain
Remsberg, Ronald Models of world famous structures made from matchsticks
Reznik, Sunia Wooden vehicles from motorcycles to trains in fine hardwoods
Rincon, Antonio A large collection of beautiful miniature weapons from Columbia
Rivera, Guillermo A lifetime collection of hand-made cannon models from Costa Rica
Robertson, William R.* (2015) Museum quality, historically correct 1/12 scale miniatures in metal and wood
Roemmich, Cliff Ornate steam engines and other models
Ronnie, Roger* (2004) Opening page to five more sections including his specialty, engraving, but also engines, clock making tools and miniature gun projects
Rojas-Bazan, Guillermo* (2013) A professional model maker creates scale aircraft from aluminum
Root, Lee Well engineered engines built to run
Rueby, Chris An excellent craftsman in many areas including ship models and full-size boats, clocks and steam engines
San Diego Miniature Crafters Dollhouse miniatures
Scerri, Pierre* (2007) A fully functional 1/3 scale Ferrari
Showers, Tom A lifetime of building scale model firefighting apparatus and a city to put it all in
Silva, Germano A jeweler who makes spectacular clocks
Simon, Larry A model Manitowoc crane by Craftsmanship Museum host
Smith, Michael Paul An imaginary town from the past brought to life through photography of detailed 1/24 scale models
Smith, William R.* (2000) Award winning clocks and the books on how to build them
Spielmann, Gerhard Model machine tools in aluminum and brass
Talbot, Robert Model handguns in wood from Australia
Tarragó, Pere 1/6 scale motorcycle models from Spain
Thomas, George A watchmaker with extraordinary skill
Tomkins, William A fleet of 307 US Navy ship models in 1:600 scale
Tomlinson, Clen A model Deltic engine in progress: The complication almost defies description
van Vark, Tatjana Scientific instruments and technical projects
Wahlstrom, Lawrence Builder of the "Do Nothing" Machine, later resurrected and shown by Earl Wolf
Warren, Philip A fleet of ships made entirely of match sticks and match boxes.
Warther, Mooney Wood carving mastery with a specialty in trains
Washburn, Robert His Strictly IC magazine informed and inspired many engine builders
White, Daniel The smallest knapped arrowheads you will ever see
Wilding, John Clocks and plans from a master in England
Wingrove, Gerald* (2005) Model cars from England and the books on how to build them
Xu, Yan Miniature guns and weapons from China
Zimmermann, Roger Beautiful 1/12 scale models of American cars made in Switzerland
Ziober, Andrzej Over 30 years of award winning, super-detailed plastic aircraft models in 1/72 scale


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