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The Joe Martin Foundation maintains a library of books, magazines and videos relating to craftsmanship, model building, clock making and other skills related to metalworking craftsmanship in miniature. Anyone wishing to contribute books to this library should contact the foundation. A tax deduction for the value of the item can be offered in the form of a receipt, as we are recognized under US Tax Code as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are seeking old machine tool operation and maintenance manuals, technical books, model making books, plans, videos or DVD's demonstrating processes or skills or any items that would be of interest to craftsmen wishing to learn a particular skill.

A number of the early years in the Model Engineer collection are in the form of hardbound volumes.

Magazine Collection

Through the efforts of Jim Clark, in 2007 we were able to obtain the magazine collection of the late Stirling Dougherty of Sugarland, TX. This includes a compete collection of Model Engineer Magazine starting with issue #1 in 1898 and going through 2002. The purchase also include a  number of issues of Engineering in Miniature (Volumes 7-21). We also have a complete collection of Strictly IC magazine and are maintaining current collections of Model Engine Builder (complete), The Home Shop Machinist, Machinist's Workshop and NAWCC Bulletin. A number of issues of Popular Mechanics, Popular Science and other related how-to magazines from the 1940's have been donated by museum volunteer Larry Simon.

Part of our missing issues were supplied by the donation of the Richard Remington Collection in July, 2010. Issues 4315 through 4325 were added to the collection. We also now have duplicates of ME that go from 1972 to 1986. These may be made available for sale in groups by year or volume in order to raise money for the Foundation

Anyone needing data from a particular article from a past issue of ME may use our library as a resource. You will need to know the particular issues, however. We don't have a way to locate a particular article. If anyone has a good searchable database of articles/authors for Model Engineer that we could use, that would also be a resource we would appreciate. Visitors to the museum in Vista, CA are welcome to (carefully) look through any back issue in the collection.


Mike and Toni Rehmus of Model Engine Builder Magazine were kind enough to donate the collection of Richard Remington. In addition to the Model Engineer issues mentioned above we now also have on file the following magazines:

Modeltec--1984 (Volume 1, #1) through June, 2002 (Volume 18, #3) (A few issues missing)

Live Steam--May 1968 (Volume 2, #5) through April, 2006 (Volume 40, #2) (Some issues missing)

Projects in Metal/Machinist's Workshop--1988 (Volume 1, #1) to January 2005 (Volume 17, #6) (Some issues missing)

The Home Shop Machinist--1982-2006 (Mostly complete)

Strictly IC--1988 (Volume 1, #1 through 1994 (Volume 18, #3) (Duplicates our existing collection--available for sale soon)

Model Engineer's Workshop--#99 through #114 (less issue #108)

Invention & Technology--1988-2006 (Not yet fully cataloged)


Thanks to a recent donation by Louis Chenot, the gap in our collection of Model Engineer magazines has been practically filled. We are still missing the following issue numbers: 4214, 4215, 4272, 4274, 4275, 4277, 4278, 4279, 4297, 4299 and 4320.

Videos and Photos

Clock maker William R. Smith was kind enough to donate a complete collection of his books and videos on clock making and tooling. Additional how-to videos are sought as donations. Village Press has donated copies of all the books on Rudy Kouhoupt and his projects plus the "Shop Masters" books on Rudy and Phil Duclos. Model Maker Young C. Park has also provided along with his beautiful aluminum aircraft models an extensive album of photos covering the construction techniques he used to make them as well as all the WWII manuals on the two aircraft.


We would like to thank craftsmen Shigia Ogawa (OS Engines), Gerald Wingrove, William R. Smith, Ken Foran and Ron Colonna for donations of the books they have written. We would also like to thank Gary Barnes for his donation of ten books he wrote documenting the complete history of model tether car and tether boat racing from the 1930's and 1940's. In addition, we have added many interesting machine tool operating manuals from the past, several older issues of Machinery's Handbook, books on ship modeling, casting, pattern making, machining and other topics of interest to craftsmen. To view an Excel spreadsheet of the library inventory, CLICK HERE.

Donations Sought

As mentioned above, anyone having books, magazines, videos, plans or other written material that would be of value to craftsmen doing research or trying to learn a particular skill, please keep the foundation's museum in mind. We would like to build this resource as the years go on and you can help. If you would like more information on donations to the library or to the museum itself, please contact Craig Libuse at (760) 727-9492 or e-mail craig(at) (Please substitute @ for the word "at" in the e-mail address.)


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